Coastal Georgia's Invasive Plant Control Program 

Private Landowner Cost-share

The Coastal GA CISMA is launching a Private Land owner Cost Share Program. There are limited funds and certain criteria must be met to be a qualifying applicant. Application materials can be found on our website under the “Resources” tab.

Eligibility: Non-industrial landowners in the 11 county coastal area, which means any private individual, group, association, corporation, Indian tribe or other native group, other private legal entity.

Invasive Species covered: Includes treatments to control any one or a combination of the following target species.

  • 1.   Common Reed. (Phragmites australis)
  • 2.   Salt Cedar (Tamarisk) (Tamarix cannariensis)
  • 3.   Chinese Tallowtree (Triadica sebifera)
  • 4.   Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)
  • 5.   Sand Pine (Pinus clausa)

Pay Rate: A per acre pay rate based on 50% of the average cost of the practice. To qualify funds used must not be from a federal source.

Contract Length: All work must be completed and final invoice for reimbursement submitted by Dec. 1st 2018.

Application Process: This program is administered by the CoGA CISMA with National Fish & Wildlife Foundation funds. To apply submit application materials to Eamonn Leonard at

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Salt Cedar (Tamarix cannariensis)

Application Materials:

Visit the Coastal GA CISMA website for more information on invasive species. ( Application material are also on the CISMA website under the "Resources" tab.

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